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Billing Software
Specially for Mall,Complex,Showroom,Big Bazar
This software is making bill of every transactions, Orders,manage stok of products,and client details.Invoicera saves your time and helps you manage your bills in a snapshot. It is designed as a payment tracking software that helps you keep a track of your customer payments. For more help take just one Invoicera tour, and call yourself a pro in handling this application!
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Library Management Software
Specially for Comerical Libraries, Colleges,Schools
This project of “LIBRARY MANAGEMENT” of gives us the complete information about the library. We can enter the record of new books and retrieve the details of books available in the library. We can issue the books to the students and maintain their records and can also check how many books are issued and stock available in the library. In this project we can maintain the late fine of students who returns the issued books after the due date.
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Attendance Management Software
Specially for Mall,Complex,Showroom,Big Bazar,Office,School,College
Biometric attendance system facilitates the automated attendance of employee in any organization. The objective of this project is to maintain the details of entry and exit of employees. This project would give our employees details month wise. In future we will design a form that designs the calendar of the one year of an organization.
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College Management Software
Specially for Colleges, Institute, School, Tution
Our School Software comprises 12 different modules that cover each and every department of school and Makes the functioning of any Educational Institute effortless.
Our Modules details
Automate Registration & Admission,   Manage Student Information Efficiently,   Manage Classes, Subjects according to requirements,   Automated Time Table Generation with a number of options,   Transport Maintenance Management,   Trace Students & Staff Attendance,   Library Management,   Staff Salary Generation & expenses Management,   Automated Examination Management System,   Maintain Grades , Create Grade Book,   Analyze the Performance of a class,   Manage Hostel Boarding & lodging,   Manage your own Security,   Countless MIS Reports Generation
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Hospital Management Software
Specially for Hospital, Clinic, Lab
The hospital management software is excellent software in the hospital management field. It manages all section of the hospital like reception, lab, indoor patient management, outdoor patient management, laboratory management, inventory and account etc.
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Specially for Mall,Trading Company,Complex,Showroom,Big Bazar
Logistics Network is the exciting global network for independent freight forwarders with more than 844 members in 320 cities in more than 124 countries. Logistics Network offers shippers and buyers worldwide the optimum choice in international forwarding.
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Online Library Management System
Specially for Comerical Libraries, Colleges,Schools,Institute
This website gives us the complete information about the library online. We can enter the record of new books and retrieve the details of books available in the library online. We gives permision to downloads the books for the students by payment online and maintain their records and can also check how many books are downloaded.
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Online College Management System
Specially for College, Institute, School, Coaching Center
The software is designed to meet the information need of all level of management and department, planning, monitoring and control of daily activities. Software benefits for having details like Student Admission/registration details and student details and class wise Attendance Fee Fee submitted, Fee not submitted Fine/Discount.
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Online Hospital Management System
Specially for Hospital, Clinic, Lab
Hospital Management provides a direct link between healthcare facilities and those supplying the services they need. This procurement and reference resource provides a one-stop-shop for professionals and decision makers within the hospital management, healthcare and patient care industries. We provide a comprehensive breakdown of contractors and suppliers, up-to-date news and press releases, white papers and detailed information on current industry projects and trends. The newsletter details the latest industry developments, and our recruitment area provides career information and the latest job vacancies in the field.
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Web Portals
Specially for All profession like Doctors, Teachers, Consultants, Engineers, Employers Etc...
A personal portal is a site on the World Wide Web that typically provides personalized capabilities to its visitors, providing a pathway to other content. It is designed to use distributed applications, different numbers and types of middleware and hardware to provide services from a number of different sources. In addition, business portals are designed for sharing and collaboration in workplaces.
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